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During school terms, on some Sundays at the 10am Mass, St Patrick's holds Children's  Liturgy in the parish hall. The children are invited to process down the aisle at the entrance procession with Father. Children attend the Liturgy which is supervised by parish adults in the parish hall.  They hear the Word, prayers are read, and they enjoy the songs and craft. 

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email Kay Macadam at


16 Nov
30 Nov
22 February
15 March
22 March
29 March
5 April (Special Easter Sunday CL)
26 April
24 May
31 May
21 June
19 July
26 July
16 August
23 August
18 October
25 October
22 November
29 November (Special Advent CL)


St Patrick’s Parish Sutherland is looking for more volunteers to be involved in Children’s Liturgy in 2015 either as a leader or a helper.
A leader prepares the liturgy and leads it and a helper assists during the liturgy.  It is a wonderful ministry and the children are great to work with.  We need more volunteers to ensure the continuation of Children’s Liturgy.
Please consider taking on this important role.  It is very rewarding and there will be plenty of support and resources from the parish.  As was the case in 2013, if there are ample volunteers, you would only be rostered on only two or three times per year!

If you are interested, please contact Kay Macadam – Email – or pick up a note from the back of the church, complete and return.   If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email Kay at –
Thank you and God bless.


St Patrick’s Parish Sutherland holds a Family Mass on some Saturdays during school terms at 5pm.  At the Family Mass, we encourage a ‘sense of belonging ’atmosphere along with a warm and friendly community spirit.  The Mass is very ‘family friendly’ and everyone is  welcome to stay for the refreshments after Mass.  The music which is chosen is very child friendly and there are often liturgical movements which the children are invited to participate in.
All parishioners (including pre-schoolers) are warmly invited to join the roster. Should anyone wish to take part or have an inquiries, please email Kay Macadam at


Everyone is welcome to join the 2015 Family Mass roster.  If you would like to participate in the Family Masses in 2015, please email Kay Macadam at or pick up a note( which can be found at the back of the church) complete and return.


8 November 2014  
13 December
14 February 2015
9 May
13 June
12 September
10 October
14 November
12 December

Youth Masses

6 December 2014
7 February 2015
7 March
2 May
1 August
5 September
7 November
5 December